The Perfect You Game Prototype

You are sitting at the dinner table with your family - your mom, dad, and two annoying sisters. It’s very important in your family to pay attention to dinner and spend quality family time. That means no phone, no TV, no electronic games. And so, you are secretly texting your significant other under the table understandably they will get very upset if you don’t reply back within a few seconds. It’s a new relationship, so you’ll need to keep them engaged throughout dinner. Any one of your family members can look up to talk to you and you absolutely cannot be on the phone during that time. If your mom and dad catch you, they will ground you. If your sisters catch you, they will tell your mom, who will, as a result, ultimately ground you. Also, if you don’t reply back and get your girlfriend/boyfriend upset, they will break up with you. So... good luck!

The Message

The fast-paced game is designed to keep the player constantly busy; he or she must satisfy both of the parents by concentrating on dinner and his or her loved one by concentrating on the text conversation. 

It’s also a reminder that it is not only difficult to do the job but also inappropriate to continuously attach oneself to an electronic device especially when you have to pressure yourself to do it secretly.

Game Details

After selecting your bae’s character, continue to reply back with the correct emojis based on the context of the texts. But, make sure this is only done when none of your family members are looking. The emoji texts are sent with a simple click of the emoji button and a send button after. If you send the wrong emoji,your significant other will get upset and will make the text box move up faster. If you don’t send back anything before your bae’s text moves up the food table, the game is over. If your mom and dad catch you, game is automatically over. If any of your sisters catch you, they will tattle tale, resulting in a consequence of your food level dropping significantly. Speaking of which, don’t let the food level run out. Continue picking up the chicken legs to show that you are eating your dinner. When the food level reaches below zero (when the food level bar drops completely down) the game will be over. 

Lift the chicken up and down, 

stir the potato soup, 

and press on the cherry tomatoes 

to simulate eating.

In addition. make sure you text back the correct emojis according to context!

If you receive total of three angry faces, the game is over.