Interface Prototyping - Low Fidelity Prototype

Shane has a very tough time waking up in the mornings, so he customizes his smart home devices

to help him with his morning routine (Fig.1 and Fig.2). The lights are set to turn on at 5:58 AM as

a two-minute warning. At 6:00 AM, while the bedroom lights are getting brighter, the bedroom

alarm goes off to wake him up. If he is not in the bathroom by 6:05, another alarm in bathroom

will go off to make him get out of the bed for real!

Fig.1                                                                                                           Fig.2

After taking a shower, he heads to the kitchen to install his new coffee maker. Thanks to his smart

damage detection settings (Fig.2), he is able to enjoy his hot homemade coffee as usual. He only

needs to deactivate his previous coffee maker and then add the new one to his kitchen appliances

(Fig.3, Fig.4, Fig.5, Fig.6 and Fig.7). Then, everything is set to go.

Fig.3                                                                                                          Fig.4

Fig.5                                                                                                             Fig.6

Fig.7                                                                                                            Fig.8

As he opens the door to leave for work, he receives a notification on his phone, indicating that

the stove is still on (Fig.8). He stops for a second. Turns the stove off by clicking only one button.

Walks out the door, with a smile on his face, happy that his door motion sensors prevented things

from going wrong.

The only other thing he needs to do before leaving, is to set up his house to the “Away mode”

(Fig.9 and Fig.10). By the time he takes his car from the garage to the drive way, all the doors

including the garage doors, are locked. He has also customized the app to close all the windows

except the one in the kitchen, which is the one his cat uses to wander around the property. He’s

rest assured that the automation system takes care of dispensing the cat food as well (Fig. 10).

When he misses his furry friend, he uses the intercom to call him into the kitchen (Fig.11 and

Fig.12) for a delicious treat that he sends to his best friend remotely (Fig.13).

Fig.9                                                                                                         Fig.10

Fig.11                                                                                                            Fig.12