Interface Prototyping -High Fidelity Prototype in Virtual Reality

High Fidelity Prototypes give UX designers and teams a great way to verify their designs. Virtual Reality (VR) offers the potential to make a higher fidelity experience for the user by presenting the appliance and interface realistically. This assignment explores this potential.

For this assignment, the focus for the interface prototype will be in the central hub interface which is built-in to the refrigerator. This is a touchscreen interface that can communicate through a wi-fi connection with other smart appliances in the home as well as mobile devices. It has five physical buttons built-in to the trim piece below the touchscreen. The functionality of the interface prototype includes 7 unique functions. Five of these functions explore aspects of a connected home. The other two functions are specific to a refrigerator.

To enhance the user experience, one additional function is included that involves another artifact in the VR space. A device with a mobile app was selected to be included in the scene. A second person in the scene can use the app and have it communicate to the main interface.