Psychedelic Game

This psychedelic game is a basic platformer designed in

For this project, I learned how to create an effective and engaging interactive story , with the following elements:

1. Sound effects and background music

2. Character animation

3. Platform design

4. Wall design

5. Coin design

6. Objective design

7. 3 new playable Levels using the above elements for each level

8. Background for each level

9. Teleportation effect between levels

10. Start and end game screens

The criteria for designing this game included:

1. The game must have 3 playable levels

2. The game must have a start and end with a score

3. All visual elements must be created using your own IP - no visuals from other creators will be accepted

4. No recognizable music or sound effects (that are not in the public domain) should be used.

5. The game should tell a basic story that explains the levels and objectives

6. The game must be fun, and possible to beat in under 2 minutes.